This is how it works

Our motivation for this project in detail:


Financial resources are necessary in order to come to the aid of refugees and to help giving them a suitable new place to live; to offer them opportunities to interact and participate socially; to give them perspectives for their new lives and to create facilities and contact points where emotional and mental wounds suffered in the countries of origin or during the flight to Germany may be treated and healed.

Many people in Germany are presently donating clothes, food, and sanitary products. Many are volunteering, offering German language classes, applying for guardianships for unaccompanied underage refugees, etc.

This is where Artists for Refugees comes in.

Some relief aid can be given relatively easily. Other forms of support necessitate the involvement of trained professionals, the availability of adequate spaces, etc. Financial means play a crucial role in this context.


And this is how it works: a contributor donates a certain amount to an aid project for the support of refugees. An artist involved with Aritsts for Refugees then creates a custom-made piece of art especially for this contributor. The donator thus not only receives an official contribution receipt but also a personalized piece of art in acknowledgement of and as a thank you for their financial contribution.

In this process and using Artists for Refugees as an intermediary, the contributor may enter into direct contact with the participating artists in order to talk about and finalize the details of their exchange.

(Due to unforeseen circumstances, it might happen that an artist, or group of artists, need to turn down a request for a variety of reasons. We ask potential contributors to respect this.)


Artists for Refugees neither must nor should be restricted to local German groups and artists. Rather, it may work worldwide.

What is more, Artists for Refugees is also inviting artists who have themselves escaped and find themselves as refugees in a new environment to take part in this project.

The platform is intentionally kept in both German and English to allow access to as many people as possible.

You want to make a donation and receive a unique thank you created especially by a participating artist?

You want to join us as a contributing artist?